Hello and Howdy! First off, a huge THANK YOU for checking out my shop. I'm Suzy Lindow, the artist and maker behind Wink Wink Studio. Surrounding myself with fun and colorful things in my home makes me happy, and my goal is to spread those good vibes to you in yours.

Each piece was created with love by yours truly. A lot of my inspiration comes from places I've traveled and lived. At the top of the list would be the saturated colors of the Caribbean where I got married and sneak off to every chance I get, the beautiful warm hues of a desert sunset, the frothy blues of the Pacific Ocean surf beneath storm clouds, the soft winter pastels of the Midwest where I grew up, and the verdant greens of Coastal Virginia, where I currently reside. Some more inspiration comes from the things I love to fill my home with: the funky patterns of a well-worn Indian kantha, the bright color party of ethnic textiles from Thailand, South America, and Mexico, and the patina of a vintage brass fill-in-the-blank (I'll take them all, please.)

So have a look around, stay a while. I hope you find something that will jazz up your place and put a smile on your face. Woah. You didn't expect sweet poetry in this little bio, now did you? Well, more happy surprises are in store for you, lucky duck. Check back often as new pieces are always being added.

And please, feel free to ask me anything, or drop a line to say Hiya!